From Lars Magnus to Hilda, July 8 1885

Ericsson, Hilda, Gustaf, Anna (group, 1885)

My much beloved little Hilda!

We have not yet lost sight of the Irish coast and will shortly arrive at Queenstown from whence we can send a last greeting before testing the wide ocean. At first glance the accommodations on board are the best, it seems that in all manner we will live as royalty [and] if to that good weather is added, the ocean journey will treat us well. This night [new page] has been well windy and some have been ill. Meurling seems to take it best and even Cedergren better than he had expected.  However, I have not felt fully well, but still hope that we all will make it rather well.

Many kisses and hearty greetings to you, my little Hilda, and to our little ones. I hope you will try to explain to Gustaf that Daddy must be at sea for so long a time without a break.

Hearty greetings to all and still more kisses from your Hubby.

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript

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