From Lars Magnus to Hilda, November 1900

Sweden, 1900s, telephone tower

Stockholm, November 3, 1900

My dear Mother!

Thank you for the message from Berlin dated 1 inst. I am glad that the trip down was pleasant and that you were received in friendship, as well as hoping that you are well cared for in every way. Anna is considerate, diligently sending postcards, the one from today enclosed herewith.  

Lalle is cheerful, alert and glad. Today is his workshop day so Anna had to leave with us at dinnertime. 

Otherwise everything here is busy and hurried as always. Yesterday a new engineer from Göteborg was hired who finally is willing to travel to Shanghai, so perhaps finally there are ways and means for that concern that for so long has proven impossible.

Do you intend to write to Florence and hurry Anna’s return? Or would you rather wait patiently until she returns unasked? 

Tage is leaving Saturday evening, first to Hamburg and then next week to Berlin. It might then be possible for you have company home. T. needs to get away a few days since, as his brother-in-law’s administrator he has had much to do and has probably experienced many unpleasantries, but will in spite of this still not succeed with his efforts since personal guarantees are now coming, so far for an amount of around 70,000 kronor.

Now I must do a tour during the short time left of this rather spring-like day and with hearty greeting to you and all around you, sign as your affectionate L.M.

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript.

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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