From Lars Magnus to Hilda, October 10 1902

Russia, 1902, Riga, telephone station

Riga, Oct 10, 1902

My dear Hilda!

Today I received your much-awaited letter with much joy though it was depressing to learn from it that Lalle once again is beset by the mystical fever attacks. But still it is probably not so dangerous as these end quickly. 
It is also unfortunate that Anna has been out of sorts as well, but then colds are rather common this time of year and it is as well that the aches leave soon. I have also had a real cold. And for several days now my health has been poor, but fortunately this has begun to improve so I can take both liquids and dry food enough. I see that the frost has reached our valleys as well and assume that the oats have arrested in its growth. Still there will be plenty of straw and that  if the weather continues as it is, it will be well taken in. The night just past was the first night when the frost was truly felt and this morning the trees were white hoarfrost, though as soon as the sun rises, it becomes as full summer here as well.

There is little else to say about my doings here, but as my schedule allows it, I feel I ought to stay until I can get some idea of where it is going. Everyday I am at the central from morning to 9 in the evening and will probably continue this routine next week as well, but can not for many reasons not yet form a reliable view of the final result. When I return to my rooms in the evening, I am usually dead on my feet and still there is some event that will not go away, holding it in thrall though rest is needed. One such case is before me right now, so do not therefore be surprised if I seem absent-minded.

Engineer Johansson left for home on Tuesday. As long as he was here I did not exert myself, but now that he is gone, the circumstances force me to. 
Sorry the information from K.H. is not favourable. 
Concerning Anna’s desires regarding travel, I do not wish to be the decision-maker in this, but leave it entirely to her to decide. It is good that it is definite what Anna’s future will be – may she only find the strength to meet the hardships connected with the plan.

A special thanks to Lalle for his lines. Hope he has something to report in the next letter about his study curriculum. Warm greetings and many kisses from Your loving Husband and Father.

Greetings to Hagströms. Much empathy for them.

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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