From Lars Magnus to Hilda, October 2 1902

Russia, 1902, Riga, telephone station

Riga, Oct 2, 1902

My dear Mother Hilda!

With this I would finally share some of my life here, if only in great haste. We arrived in health and strength Monday a week and went directly to the Central where we eagerly examined what was already done, and considered what remained. Thus we at first came to the decision to, if possible, return home for and come back later, which is why I mentioned the possibility to you via a postcard that by now be on the way home. But now our plans have changed and since we have finally received necessary reinforcement in the form of several experienced workers, we intended to stay here until the assembly of the exchange is far enough advanced that subscribers can be tied in.

How long this will take is hard to say, but we will be ready with the most essential connexions this week, after which it remains to test for errors and correct these, something we should be able to begin tomorrow and which depends on the extent of these. Still we hope not to need to stay longer than through next week. 

The weather has been almost consistently good since we came and hope it has been so for you as well. I also hope that my dear Lalle has become acquainted with his teacher and that they will get on well, and that Lalle will please both her and us all through obedience and diligence.

At times I also think if Anna yet has received word if she will be allowed to come to Zabatsberg, as well as how K.H. feels. Ask Anna to greet him. Please forgive this quick sketch. I need to get back to my place at the exchange and close therefore with the heartiest of greetings to Lalle – tell him that if he studies diligently, we will find time when I return to begin thinking about some new machine.

With a caress and a kiss from your loving Husband L.M.

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript.

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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