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Equal access to education from anywhere in India

Imagine if distance was no longer a divide. With 5G enabled remote learning, it’s Possible.
Equal access to education from anywhere in India

Ericsson is creating an India of limitless connectivity, making it possible to reach and educate remote students across the vastness of India. In recent 5G rural trials with Bharti Airtel, we showcased how 5G can bridge the digital divide offering the ability to provide high-speed broadband coverage even in the remotest of geographies.

Across the world and in India, our Digital labs are already inspiring young learners and helping students gain the skills they need to succeed in the future workplace. Our collaboration with Bharti Foundation for setting up a robotic lab in Punjab, India as well as with the Vodafone Idea Foundation, highlights our commitment to supporting access to education for students everywhere and leveraging ICT to enhance learning outcomes.

When technology connects us, extraordinary things become a reality.

Powering hybrid learning technology in rural areas in India

Mamta Saikia, CEO of the Bharti Foundation, India, explains how children can access hybrid learning technology in rural areas.

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