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Enabling healthcare without boundaries in India

Imagine cutting-edge care, in the middle of nowhere. With 5G enabled remote medical treatment, it’s Possible.
Enabling healthcare without boundaries in India

Ericsson is creating an India of limitless connectivity. With today’s 4G networks and tomorrow’s 5G technology, we are working closely with the telecom ecosystem to transform healthcare with future proof connectivity.

Collaborating with Vodafone Idea, we recently showcased remote healthcare capabilities powered by 5G. The solution showcased can enable healthcare professionals located in an urban center carry out remote diagnostics on a patient who is in a remote rural location.

With healthcare being a key industry that is part of a $17 billion 5G enabled B2B opportunity, 5G has the potential to not only revolutionize the healthcare space in India but also enable access to healthcare in remote parts of the country.

Connected Ambulance

Hospital command centre