Company impact

As part of our climate action, we manage the environmental impact of our activities with a particular focus on our carbon footprint.

Tracking our carbon footprint

Ericsson was one of the corporate pioneers in implementing life-cycle assessment methodology as an environmental strategy tool. We assess annually our carbon footprint and has set targets for its reduction that are approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative.

Ericsson’s own activities

We strive for continuous improvement of energy used in our own activities to minimize negative environmental and climate impact. Within Ericsson’s own activities, we report on carbon emissions from facility energy usage, fleet vehicles, product transportation and business travel.

As an approved Science Based Target, we are aiming for a 35% carbon footprint reduction from our own activities by 2022 (baseline 2016).

We manage direct and indirect environmental impact from our own activities, focusing on our carbon footprint in the areas below, to:

  • Reduce energy usage in facilities
  • Improve fleet vehicle management
  • Shift transport of products from air to surface
  • Manage business travel

For more facts and figures, please read the latest Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report