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Company impact

As part of our climate action, we manage the environmental impact of our activities with a particular focus on our carbon footprint.

Tracking our carbon footprint

We work continuously in the following areas:

  • Reducing energy usage in facilities: offices, production sites, data centers and test labs
  • Shifting from air to surface product transport
  • Reducing the impact of business travel
  • Improving fleet vehicle management.

Science Based Targets

In 2017 we bolstered our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement by joining the Science Based Targets initiative, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint by 35% in 2022 compared to 2016.

Our track record and commitment

Over the past six years, we have reduced CO2e emissions in absolute terms with 48%. This implies a reduction of close to 400 ktonnes CO2e in absolute emissions from facilities energy usage, product transport and business travel compared to the 2011 result. We have exceeded the target on our long-term objective to maintain absolute CO2e emissions from our own activities in 2017.

For more facts and figures, please read the latest Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, chapter "Energy, Environment and Climate Action.

Carbon footprint target

Carbon footprint target