Human rights

Ericsson is a firm believer in conducting business responsibly, and we therefore acknowledge our responsibility to respect human rights across the value chain. This includes ensuring that risks in our supply chain are identified, prevented or otherwise addressed. We are committed to embedding the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights throughout our business operations.
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Ericsson’s supply chain consists of a wide range of suppliers providing different categories of goods and services. Furthermore, our supply chain is complex, with many tiers of sub-suppliers. Which human rights are especially at risk will vary depending on the severity of the potential impacts as the primary factor, as well as the likelihood that the impacts will occur in the different categories and tiers.

Salient human rights risk

Ericsson has identified the most salient human rights risks for its supply chain. Salient human rights issues are the human rights at risk of the most severe negative impact through the company’s activities and business relationships.

Human rights governance

Ericsson’s approach to addressing human rights issues in our supply chain starts with a strong management commitment, clear accountability as well as effective processes and controls that support the respect for human rights.