Supercharge customer experience through AI and automation

Towards zero-touch networks

AI & Automation have been adopted across our product and service portfolio to make the 5G switch easy for our customers.

Ericsson 5G platform

Ericsson 5G platform

Today, mobile networks experience massive amounts of data every second. For example, on a mobile network in the US, 4 terabits of data cross the network every second and 15 million data events are registered.

In 2018, mobile network traffic grew from an average of 0.34GB per month for a typical user to 5.6GB per month . That is an increase of more than 16 times. That’s not all. By the end of 2024 we predict that total mobile data traffic will be five times higher compared to today’s levels - reaching a total of 136 exabytes per month.

The market and technology landscape will also become much more complex in the future. The number of new use cases enabled by 5G and IoT will require networks to transform – continuously learning, becoming more dynamic and able to react in real-time.

We have spent over a decade innovating and deploying AI & Automation solutions across our products and services, to boost network performance, improve the end-user experience, enhance operational efficiency, and enable new revenues for our customers.

Vodafone – managing the energy consumption cost with advanced automation and artificial intelligence

“We have seen 20 percent reduction in those sites versus the old way of doing things and that, kind of, translates into 14 percent, 15 percent savings in our energy bill, which counts. At the same time, your performance is still good. This is what you want. Because performance goes first.“

-Francisco Martin, Group Head of Radio products , Vodafone


AI-powered radio access networks

AI software functionality with unique capabilities for optimizing radio access networks, enabling service providers to boost network performance and user experience.

Predictive data-driven operations

The Ericsson Operations Engine augments the skills and experience of service providers using AI and automation to predict and prevent disruptions in real-time.

Service automation

Fast forward towards zero touch with next-level service automation using Dynamic Orchestration and its AI powered closed loop.

Network Intelligence & Automation

Network Intelligence: To plan and manage overall network performance we have introduced engineering solutions that combine machine learning and human ingenuity across our portfolio. This way we enable networks to self-learn, self-optimize and deliver an optimal user experience.

The 5G switch made easy

Make the 5G switch easy and address operational inefficiencies using automation and AI. In our future proof Ericsson Radio System, Dual-mode 5G Cloud Core and Dynamic Orchestration solutions.

AI to boost 5G use case implementation

Not all algorithms are created equal. Our team of telecom experts and data scientists work closely together to ensure that we are solving the right problems, the result of which is 600+ patents in the field of AI. Additionally, at the Ericsson Global AI Accelerator (GAIA), more than 300 data scientists work side-by-side with domain experts to solve the next generation of telecom challenges.

This is who we are harnessing the power of AI & Automation. In network and IT operations, AI predicts events and finds root-causes before issues impact the customer. In design and optimization, AI algorithms work through massive data sets to automatically test millions of possible combinations.

The Voice of AI

Working in telecoms? Interested in AI, but not really that deep into what it is? This is the podcast for you!

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