AI by Design - our differentiators

We are not building a general-purpose artificial intelligence platform, trying to solve problems in every industry. Instead, we have developed our skills and capabilities in telco AI to address the very real and current challenges of you, the service providers. Working closely with our customers’ challenges, data and products, we are providing a different approach to getting value from their networks.

AI use case co-creation

We have learned through experience that co-creation – developing solutions together across competence areas with our customers – is critical. We develop our AI in the field together with our customers with real network data, leveraging our domain expertise and a portfolio of ready-made use cases and pre-trained algorithms that we adapt to various customer contexts and problems. This way we can solve the right problems for our customers, instead of providing an untrained general platform or solutions that only solve very specific challenges.

Augmenting MIMO energy management with Machine Learning and AI

"The opportunity for Machine Learning in this case is the ability to identify patterns. It's a fantastic way to learn from experience, like when we are children."

- Francisco (Paco) Martin, Vodafone Group Head of Radio Products

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Ericsson Operations Engine podcast: Swisscom: Insights and transformation

What does an operator transformation journey look like? What should an operator think about when developing the network and services to improve performance, as customer demands and use-cases change over time? In this special episode of the Ericsson Operations Engine podcast series, Kirsty Fitzgibbon talks to Daniel Staub, Head of Swisscom-Ericsson Joint Mobile Group and Juan Manuel Melero, Head of SA Network Design and Optimization at Ericsson about the journey to establish and maintain Swisscom's leading role in the Swiss telco market.

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Vodafone - boost network performance with advanced automation and artificial intelligence

“Machine learning is assisting our engineers to make our mobile networks more proactive and immediately responsive to the needs of our customers. Vodafone is leading the industry in using AI in our radio networks because of the pioneering work between our Networks Centre of Excellence and Ericsson.”

–   Francisco (Paco) Martin, Vodafone Group Head of Radio Products

Telecom & AI expertise

Our AI is anything but artificial. It’s built on a strong foundation of combining deep telecom domain expertise, data science and AI knowledge. These skills always work hand in hand, close to customer problems, collaborating to solve them. This means that we know the right problems to solve and how to solve them with the right AI solutions.

Ericsson Operations Engine podcast: The changing role of people and their skills

How will the AI, data, and machine-driven capabilities fueling the modern operations environment impact people? In our new episode, Kirsty Fitzgibbon talks to Sachin Desai (Head of Ericsson Global AI Accelerator) and Ulrika Jägare (Director Technology and Architecture) about a commonly undervalued component of technological transformation: humans.

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Meet our Experts: Elena Fersman

Dr. Elena Fersman is head of research area Artificial Intelligence at Ericsson Research as well as Adjunct professor at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems specialized in automation, in the division of Mechatronics at the department of Machine Design.

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Ericsson Blog: Artificial intelligence in telecom - from hype to reality

Will artificial intelligence eventually turn every industry upside down? How it will shape our society? And perhaps most important - how can we know that AI won’t reach self-awareness and strike out on its own to cause a future beyond human control? The fact is, some of this is hype, and some reality.

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AI-ready technology

Ericsson’s technology is AI-ready. We have made architectural decisions that make our AI easy to deploy and use and that works together holistically across the network. Combined with our telecom domain expertise, this means that we can use AI where it makes sense, solving the right problems for our customers.

AI-powered portfolio

We are not a niche player, focusing on one use case. Instead, we build AI into every part of our portfolio where it makes sense, from baseband to centralized clouds. With AI spread out through all our products, we can see the whole end-to-end context and how we make every part of the network work together.

Unique access to data

Through access to multiple and diverse data sets from the service providers that we collaborate with, we can train our algorithms. This valuable data creates a unique foundation to build powerful algorithms, benefitting you and your end-users.