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Ericsson Antenna System - Utilities focused

Antenna portfolio for utilities companies

Utility antenna portfolio

Welcome to the future of connectivity! Our advanced antennas developed specifically to utilities companies in North America. From powering private networks to driving IoT solutions, our antennas are the catalysts for transformation in electric, oil and gas companies.

Energy utilities company in US

What makes us stand out? With manufacturing right here in North America at the Ericsson Antenna System factory, we ensure a swift time to market. Join us in transforming connectivity for Utilities companies in North America, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient future.

Key highlights

Utility market focused

Our antenna has optimized design and beam performance with a specific focus on 900MHz (band 8). Ericsson is a global leader in designing antenna solutions for band 8 deployments worldwide.

Outstanding performance

Our antenna ensures excellent low-band gain and upper-side lobe suppression, guaranteeing reliable connectivity for mission critical operations.


The slimmest passive antenna solution available, Antenna 2003 saves space while delivering top-notch performance.

Increased wind load performance

This antenna bundles a slim form factor with Ericsson's innovative vortex generators, allowing for higher mounting of antennas in windy conditions. This can improve cell range in rural deployments for investor owned utilities (IOUs).

Passive intermodulation (PIM) suppression

Having superior PIM suppression of >3dB (vs competition) allows for trouble-free growth in capacity on RAN sites.

Utilities optimized solutions

Ericsson Antenna System Antenna 2003 for utility companies

IoT utilities antenna


  • Excellent low band gain performance and upper side lobe suppression
  • Slimmest passive antenna solution in the market
  • Optimized design and beam performance focused on the utility market


  • 4 ports | 448mm width platform
  • Frequencies: R1/R2: 880-960 MHz
  • Configuration: 2 x low band
  • MIMO: 4x4 configuration supported
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1999mm x 448mm x 164mm

Get more details on the Portfolio & Commerce product page.

Antenna 1000 1L 0M 2.3m for utility companies

Private networks utilities antenna


  • Electrical downtilt set by hand or by optional RCU (Remote Control Unit)
  • Slimmest passive antenna solution in the market


  • 2 ports | ultra slim platform
  • Frequencies: R1: 790-960 MHz
  • Configuration: 1 x low band
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 2254mm x 259mm x 99mm

Get more details on the Portfolio & Commerce product page.

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