Ericsson Invited To Join Graphene Flagship

Ericsson is honored to be invited to join the Graphene Flagship.

During Graphene Week 2014, the exclusive initiative announced that Ericsson, along with 65 other new partners, was invited to join this consortium. The Ericsson representative in the Graphene Flagship General Assembly will be Peter Olanders. The members of the Graphene Flagship are a mixture of research facilities, universities as well as companies.

While the elated Ericsson Research team cannot reveal the precise details of the Graphene project that they are actually working on, Peter did state that the project is called Graphatar. Once the research project is well underway, the team promises to blog here about their findings.

Graphene is, as explained in Arne Alping’s blog, Graphene in Telecommunications, composed of pure carbon with atoms arranged in a 2D regular hexagonal pattern, in a one-atom thick sheet. It is proven to provide, at minimum, 160 times higher electron mobility, 19 times higher intrinsic strength and 20 times higher thermal conductivity than silicon. Therefore, Graphene is perceived as an enabler to high-speed electronics and photonics, efficient energy generation, and storage, as well as in many other applications. Interest in Graphene is now in the forefront, ahead of silicon.

Some of the possible ways that researchers are currently trying to use Graphene include:

  • Sensors/biosensors
  • High frequency/Radio frequency LCD/Flexible or printed electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Coating/membrane/paints
  • Automotive
  • Solar
  • Energy Storage

With this much versatility, it is no wonder that so many research labs are eager to experiment with Graphene and find some innovative solutions to our modern technological problems. The Graphene Flagship has a substantial website filled with the latest information on Graphene research, innovation and events.

Georgia Makitalo, Social Media and Blog Editor Ericsson Research

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