5 reasons why Ericsson should be in your future

Working for Ericsson is not just job changing, its life changing. I often get asked by candidates, what are the best things about working inside Ericsson, so I’d like to tell you my answer here:

1. You will have impact

The things you do here will have ripples. Ripples not only within the organisation, or the country you work in, but will shape the future of our society and our planet. The OSS system that is developed in our Software Campus in Athlone helps more than 2.5 billion mobile subscribers connect. The Ericsson visions of the Networked Society, the Internet of Things and others are fast becoming reality and Ericsson is at its core, and you could be part of it.

2. You will flex and grow your technical ability and agility muscles

Working for Ericsson you will have plenty of opportunity to flex and grow your technical ability and agility muscles. For example, in Ireland, our service Campus helps local Ericsson teams increase their competence, supported by the Ericsson Academy, which too has a base in Ireland. Working on some of the most complex, challenging and rewarding projects you will be encouraged and supported to strive for personal excellence and continuous improvement. You will collaborate with the smartest people on the planet as well as leverage internal training resources to stay at the top of your field.

3. You’ll meet interesting People

Ericsson software is delivered into 320 operators in 150 countries. To achieve that, it has been essential that “who we are” represents the broadest array of people. Working here, you will get to meet and collaborate with people of different nationalities of all genders, ages, from different backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints. You won’t be forced to “fit in” because its the differences that make Ericsson great.

4. You’ll get to Innovate 

Ericsson has over 140 years of experience innovating in the telecommunication industry, from the first switchboard equipment and telephones delivered in 1881 to Gävle, our first mobile phone in 1956, to the present day. Ericsson has led the charge in this evolution and we are seeking to journey beyond traditional telecommunications into other ICT areas such as CloudService Integration and Transformation and IP Television. You’ll be at the forefront.

5. You can see the world

Because Ericsson operates on a truly global footing, a career with us offers you potential opportunities to travel on long term or short term assignments to literally anywhere on the planet. And there is a strong ethos of internal mobility, so if moving to another country on a permanent basis is something that you would like to do, Ericsson provides the mechanisms and supports to make it happen. A career with Ericsson means you can go literally anywhere!

So – what are you waiting for?

These are just my top 5 – what are you looking for in your potential career?

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