CEM in telecom: How does customer experience impact transformation?

CEM in telecom is integral to digital transformation. Why is the customer experience so important, and what can we do to improve it and boost revenues?

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The digital transformation is bustling, and customer experience is emerging the main driver

If we could summarize the digital transformation into a single concept it would be the customer experience. Once the user becomes the center of the relationship and his experience and perception are the most important asset of a communications provider we can reach a completely new level of interaction with that subscriber. How come the customer experience is now so important? And what can we do now to to improve it and increase revenues?

The Wikipedia definition of customer experience is “the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction includes a customer's attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy and purchase and use of a service”. With the increased importance of omnichannel, analytics, behavior and DIY (do it yourself) the customers are now expecting to make self onboarding, choose their own offers, pay through different methods and get a seamless experience independent of the channel they are using.

Basically we want the user to breeze through all the interaction points with the operator and feel that he is totally in control and ready to do whatever he wants — or what the operator know he wants based on user behavior analysis, traffic patterns and analytics. In order to make it happen an overhaul on BSS (Business Support Systems) and OSS (Operational Systems) is needed where new technologies using cloud architecture, microservices design and agile delivery, among others, are used to enable a new ecosystem for the digital economy. But these are topics for future blog posts.


Back to basics

In the digital economy it all starts with the first impression. There is a unique moment when the customer will perceive your business for the first time—he is still not even a target or possible customer, but the perception he has on the products and services will be born and start to shape the possibilities of adding a new customer to our user base. What are the chances that I will ever want to use or get more information about a new digital voice and data offer if the first thing I read about it is that the app to purchase it is slow and lacks accuracy?

On the other hand if I first know it from friends using and raving about it there is a big probability that I will want to learn more or even buy it directly through my social network of choice. Now user experience matters even before we have a contract with the customer. And this opens exciting possibilities once we have systems ready to build this new market. Learn how Digital BSS done right can unleash new revenue streams by enhancing customer experience.

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