A Net Promoter Score alternative: Customer Experience Awareness

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has emerged as a popular tool across industries for measuring and gaining insight into satisfaction ratings and whether a customer is likely to recommend a particular good or service. Many telecom service providers have adopted the NPS methodology, and although helpful in understanding the loyalty of a sampling of customers, these days, samples are no longer sufficient to distinguish a service provider from the competition and ensure customer loyalty.

Using analytics to see the big data picture

As good a tool as NPS is, it provides neither the 360-degree view of customer satisfaction nor sufficient data for operators to make the right service improvements in a timely manner.

“The Net Promoter Score tells you how your organization is doing, but it doesn’t tell you why ,” says Dr. Jörg Niemöller, expert of Analytics and Customer Experience at Ericsson. “And it doesn’t tell you what action to take to improve your customer’s experience.” In today’s customer-driven marketplace, operators must go beyond Net Promoter Score to win customers and maximize profits.

The benefits of a 360-degree view

Ericsson research shows that Customer Experience Awareness is a better alternative to Net Promoter Score and is therefore emerging as one of the most important business enablers for service providers.

Users are unique individuals, with individual perceptions that can differ even given the same network behavior. What satisfies one user could drive another customer to churn from your network. Ericsson Expert Analytics is a big data analytics tool that combines advanced technical measurement with psychological factors to help operators analyze and leverage the rich, yet unplumbed stream of data in their network.

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Ericsson Expert Analytics provides the actionable insights that lead to Customer Experience Awareness based on a new genre of patented metrics and capabilities:

  • A Service Level Index (SLI)—a customer satisfaction measure based on end-to-end customer experience that acts as a useful proxy for NPS, but is available for all customers all the time;
  • A Cell Level Index (CLI)—a score assigned to each individual radio cell that expresses the quality of service as experienced by the actual subscribers served by that cell;
  • Telecom-specific data models and rules—based on Ericsson experience having managed networks that serve over a billion subscribers worldwide—that find the “most probable cause” of customer experience problems, across network, device, probe and other data.

During a time when customization of offers and understanding how to delight a customer are key to retention, growth and revenues, Ericsson’s big data analytics solution is all about the customer and a 360-degree view into their experience—across the full customer journey. It can be applied to a wide range of use cases across planning & engineering, service operations, customer care and marketing. Using carefully selected and weighted service KPIs to predict customer satisfaction, the tool leads to actionable insights to sustain high performance, grab new monetization opportunities, and deliver a superior, tailored experience to every customer.

Learn more about Telecom analytics with Ericsson Expert Analytics.

Ericsson Expert Analytics selected by EE to improve customer experience.

Editor's Note: This blog was first published by Ericsson in RCR Wireless, June 19, 2018.

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