Are you re-energized after a meeting?

When is the last time you went into yet another meeting at the end of a really long, demanding day and came out feeling awesome, inspired and re-energized?

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Let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen often enough. This happened to me recently and it got me thinking, what was it that made the difference?

Here are what I think were the deciding factors:

1. Looking beyond our daily borders

It was a cross-unit activity for the company and it really felt like creating something bigger than oneself. It was with people I had never worked with before, an opportunity to not only look beyond my own backyard, but to learn, grow and create something new. This also gave me new insights and re-energized me in my daily work.

2. Diversity

Diversity is a slogan bandied around a lot, but it is truly powerful in practice. This team was diversity in action: 2 men, 2 women and 6+ different nationalities between the 4 of us.

The meeting was enriched by our unique views, backgrounds and experiences, and the ability of all to listen and consider each idea.

3. Mindset

No hierarchy, no hidden agendas, no politics, respect for all views and ideas, all focused on the common goal, so we brainstormed, white boarded, shaped, changed and adapted our ideas, and laid out a concrete action plan. Everything was done and dusted in 30 min., including clear, fairly distributed, manageable action points. A whirlwind of energy and ideas resulting in high-speed success.

Maybe the deciding factor was none of the above, but simply the fact that we all brought our energy and skills to the table, and then we inspired each other to be more than we normally could be that late in a busy day?

In any case, next time you have a meeting which recharges your batteries, take 5 min. to consider how you got there.

And remember one of the most crucial factors is YOU.

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