5G voice for dummies infographic – how to enable voice calls on 5G smartphones

Making voice calls on a 5G smartphone might not seem to be anything new and fancy. And from a consumer’s point of view, it isn’t. They’d expect a phone to still be a phone, even with the additional 5G label! But for mobile service providers, there are several things to consider and implement into a mobile network to make a voice service work over 5G. We prepared a ‘5G voice for dummies’ infographic, so you can learn the basics in 10 minutes.

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Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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The first 5G smartphones have now been launched, and we’re now entering a new “G” era, which is to a large extent still being explored. But 5G doesn’t only mean faster mobile broadband speeds, new business opportunities, new use cases and innovations to develop and explore. We also need to remember the current services that would still be relevant to a 5G world. 

One thing you might not think much about is that a 5G smartphone is still, yes, a phone! Which means everyone will still expect to be able to make those regular voice calls, just like on any other mobile phone. 

Today, there are around 1.4 billion VoLTE subscriptions, according to the Ericsson Mobility report June 2019. By 2024, these subscriptions are expected to reach 5.9 billion, accounting for around 85 percent of combined LTE and 5G subscriptions. A voice service is one of those hygiene factors you just expect to be there. But do you know what it takes to actually get 5G smartphones make voice calls over a mobile network? First, you need to deploy VoLTE, if you’ve not already done it. You’re certainly not a dummy if you don’t understand what else you need to do, because there’s advanced technology behind the scenes to make this work in 5G networks! 

If you want to learn the basics about 5G voice, we prepared a simple overview infographic, so you can understand how voice services will be handled by the mobile network for different generations of 5G smartphones, depending on how networks are being evolved and how broadly 5G radio access has been deployed geographically. Have a look at this infographic and hopefully you won’t feel like a 5G voice dummy any longer!

smartphone generations


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As a next step, you can deep dive into all the mobile network technology aspects of how to enable voice and communication services over 5G, building on VoLTE

If you haven’t yet deployed VoLTE in your network, it’s time to start, should you be planning to deploy 5G in the future. If you want to know how to deploy VoLTE quickly in your network, you can find several different industrialized cloud-based solutions that we’ve designed in our VoLTE made easy- deploy in weeks guide. We can help you deploy in just weeks, whether you’re a small or large service provider, an MVNO or if you run mission critical networks.


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