Service number boosts business’ availability to new opportunities

Service number helps communications service providers offer their business customers a wide range of features. Service number also has a short time to market and is a flexible way for business customers to set up their business to consumer communications. Find out the benefits of service number, here.

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Business to Consumer communications

In the internet age, the speed of doing business is faster than ever. Today, companies need to continuously improve communication in order to instantly respond to customer demands or changes in their market. Service numbers are a way for service providers to offer business customers a wide range of new features (see below) quickly.

Every company needs to engage with its customers, and businesses today expect their communications service provider to be reachable via a service number – which gives the impression they are more reliable, and more mature.

In turn, by providing service number packages, service providers can also offer their business customers a large variety of features and flexible ways to communicate with their customers with an extremely short time to market. Companies can also benefit from direct control on their own settings and immediate performance feedback on the service numbers they have in use.


Commercial business to consumer services

With service number there is virtually no limit to the type of commercial services provided by the operator. Examples of commercial services demanded by the enterprise segment are:

  • VIP customer services
  • Premium rated information services
  • Call center access
  • Free phone numbers
  • Universal access numbers
  • Company specific timely numbers (taxi, transportation, delivery)
  • Company numbers
  • Auto attendant
  • Onward routing


A multitude of features for commercial services

Service number offers a multiple of features, including:

  • Time of day routing
  • Day of week routing
  • Holiday routing
  • Country code routing
  • Alternate destination routing
  • Percentage load balancing
  • IVR. call prompter network announcement
  • Multilingual announcements
  • Blind and consultative call transfer
  • Uniform load distribution/maximum calls allowed
  • Contextual communication

Once a customer calls the company number, the service checks the preferences of the company to determine the optimal way to connect the customer with the right company representative.

To enhance the call experience between the company representative and the customer, service number also provides a rich feature set of WebRTC contextual communication capabilities. These capabilities include screen-sharing, video, persistent chat, media and document sharing, among others.


A sense of control

Service number produces billing information for each call and applies appropriate rates for both incoming and outgoing call legs, which are combined into a total call charge.

Billing information is provided at a suitable period. Periodical details, down to the “per call” level, is also provided as information to the customer enterprise.

Business users have access to a portal to view their aggregated feature charge for different date and time intervals, as well as the call details behind the aggregated feature charge. Companies can turn on or off different features on the portal, and service providers can also access the customer service portal for service requests/changes.

By using service number beyond just voice, we have seen that the service value increases for companies  – and provides a better customer service experience. This is also reflected in increasing Net Promotor Score (NPS), more usage minutes and service users.

To address the B2C communication needs of companies, service providers need to innovate and act quickly; otherwise they will lose the battle to Over The Top (OTT). Service number allows fast commercial innovation for B2C communications thanks to a wide variety of features. Service providers can also onboard business customers quickly thanks to zero dependency on company infrastructure. Companies can also combine service number features to eliminate unanswered calls, and service number converts the communication with customers into a contextual experience.

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