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How to imagine simplicity in private 5G deployment

There is a delicate balance in creating a simple, straightforward, and intuitive solution without compromising performance. Take a look behind the scenes at how we made private 5G deployment easy with a private network.

Head of Product and Solutions, Dedicated Networks, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses

How to imagine simplicity in private 5G deployment

Head of Product and Solutions, Dedicated Networks, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses

Head of Product and Solutions, Dedicated Networks, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses

Einstein's statement on simplicity is elegant or simple in itself: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This is, in essence, the interesting balancing act we deal with at Dedicated Networks at Ericsson. When developing innovative technologies, it must be simple and intuitive to use for an enterprise end customer.

When creating our Ericsson Private 5G offering as simple as possible for system integrators, enterprises, and communications service providers (CSPs), the end result must be without compromising performance, security, and usability. And this was our mindset when developing Ericsson Private 5G, a new private cellular network. It provides high-performance, secure and simple 4G LTE and 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity for enterprises, for instance, in industries such as manufacturing and mining. By building upon our award-winning radio technology, the offering enables various use cases for indoor and outdoor environments. It also integrates well with enterprise operations, devices, and applications. As a result, companies can improve productivity, give their customers more value, and provide better working environments for employees.

Optimizing for use cases

When thinking about private 5G deployment for use cases, Ericsson Private 5G Network Management Portal is an example of how users can define a device in a low latency use case. Radio link adaptation parameters are then automatically set to realize the wanted use case for that enterprise device.

Some more complex radio coverage scenarios might require optimizing the radio access network to serve a mining use case, where an automated guided vehicle (AGV) loader moves in and out of the mine. Ericsson’s world-class RAN system includes many configurable parameters, such as hand over hysteresis and radio beam shaping, which might not be intuitive how to set for a non-CSP user.  In such cases, the necessary parameters will be exposed for services teams via Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) for tuning the network, so it performs at its highest capability.

How to imagine simplicity in private 5G deployment


Easy and quick click-to-deploy

Another area that we have simplified is installation and integration with our click-to-deploy concept. For example, recently in Germany, Ericsson Private 5G was successfully installed and integrated into a greenfield customer premise. From unpacking and installing the radio dots, base bands, and network controller attached to our management cloud to running a 5G SA Enterprise use case, it took only 2 days. In addition, software updates and upgrades are scheduled via the Ericsson management cloud within the Enterprise maintenance window for the lowest operational impact.

On the sales and offering side, we have introduced a budgetary tool that enables a re-seller to create an Ericsson Private 5G high-level offer in a few minutes, a significant simplification from today’s ways of working. Catching an enterprise’s attention with a commercial number discussion will open doors wide and quick.

Our click-to-deploy strategy encompasses Ericsson products and services only.  Multivendor integration removes the ability for us to deliver end-to-end service level agreements, which is essential for enterprises. Life cycle management of Ericsson Private 5G as an appliance is also much faster and robust when all components are known, integrated and standardized.

Additional benefits for enterprise end-users

Besides optimizing the solution for use cases and offering an easy way to deploy the solution, Ericsson Private 5G is flexible. Its design is intended to support any deployment size – large or small, with various capacities and capabilities.

If enterprises need to add users, it’s a straightforward process that enables them to capitalize on new business opportunities. In addition, enterprises can manage their networks and integrate with management systems with an open API. 

Now I hope you are all eager to explore the ease of use with Ericsson Private 5G. 

Imagine simplicity!


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