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Amit Kumar

System Manager (Data Science) at Ericsson

With 13 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Amit has actively shaped its evolution through a hands-on approach and innovative mindset. Starting as an application developer, he rose to become an architect at Ericsson, where he honed his expertise in pivotal systems like Ericsson Order Care and Catalog Management. Amit worked closely with industry giants like Comcast, T-Mobile, Entel, and Claro, serving as a trusted advisor and consultant. In his current role as a Data Scientist, he integrates AI/ML capabilities into production-ready use cases such as invoice anomaly detection, next best offer, customer churn, and Generative AI based 5G Network Experience, etc., driving the telecom domain towards a more intelligent and efficient future. Amit is committed to data-driven decision-making and contributing to the growth and success of telecommunications networks.