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Aneta Vulgarakis Feljan

Sector Manager, Machine Reasoning and Hybrid AI

Aneta’s main interests are AI-based cyber-physical systems and the combination of model- driven and data-driven AI.

She performs and leads research in the areas of knowledge representation and reasoning, representation learning, formal methods, AI planning and scheduling, graph neural networks, neurosymbolic AI, causal AI, safe reinforcement learning, explainable AI and verification of AI, and application of these to both telco and non-telco use cases.  

Aneta is the co-author of more than 50 referenced publications on software engineering and AI topics, as well as a co-inventor of over 50 patent families.

Before joining Ericsson Research, Aneta was a scientist at ABB Corporate Research. Her PhD in Computer Science from Mälardalen University, Sweden, focused on component-based modeling and formal analysis of real-time embedded systems.