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Anna Kåhre

Strategic Product Manager, RAN Security

Anna Kåhre


Stockholm, Sweden

Anna Kåhre is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is a Strategic Product Manager for RAN Security at Ericsson AB.

She is responsible for the security controls and functions residing in some of Ericsson RAN products, e.g. the embedded gNB (5G Radio Base Station). Anna has a long experience within Ericsson and started her career as Radio link engineer in the late 90th. She has since, been working in various positions across the company. During the last six years she has held her current position. During this time the importance of security has gradually increased and has become a focal point in 5G. As we enter this new era of connectivity, she is committed to ensure that each layer of the network must be secured to provide reliable and trusted operation, which also is reflected in Ericsson offering.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending her time with her family and walking/staying in the nature.