Ari Keränen

Expert IoT standards and protocols

Ari Keränen

Ericsson Research

Jorvas, Finland

Ari joined Ericsson in 2007 and has since worked with various Internet technologies ranging from multimedia signaling and peer-to-peer systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). The past decade, he has worked on connecting Things to the internet in scalable, secure, and interoperable ways. His current focus is enabling Things to communicate with and understand each other effectively.

Ari has been active in IETF standardization since 2009. He is the co-author of 17 IETF RFCs (Request for Comments) on various internet technologies and is co-chairing the IRTF Thing-to-Thing Research Group (T2TRG) and the IETF IoT Directorate.

He received his M.Sc. in communications engineering from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, in 2008.