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Carlos Bravo

Director Cloud Strategy Execution

Carlos Bravo

CTO Office Ericsson

Carlos Bravo oversees the development and implementation of Ericsson’s technology strategy. He leads the architecture and deployment of cloud solutions in multivendor environments with distributed teams. Collaborating and building global partnerships is key and through such partnerships, Carlos Bravo provides expertise to telecommunications operators (US, LATAM, Europe and APAC) and industry leaders. His aim is to enable them to maximize advancements in cloud technology and network virtualization.

He has over 20 years’ experience in lead roles within Ericsson’s OSS/BSS and system integration business, from Service Delivery to Product Development, Global Services, Market Unit and Business Areas. Alongside that, Carlos Bravo has spent time working around the world including Sweden, France and Germany and periods in the EMEA and Americas regions.

Carlos Bravo started the Cloud journey in 2010, leading the architecture and deployment of cloud solutions to customers and then being lead architect of the Ericsson cloud solution. He holds a MSc. in Telecom Engineering Data Communications.