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Christian Leon

Head of Networks & Managed Services, Europe & Latin America

Photo of Christian Leon

Christian Leon joined the Europe & Latin America market on January 2020 to lead the team of engagement engineers and commercial managers for the Radio and Managed Services portfolio of Ericsson. Christian is based in Paris.

Prior to this, Christian was in New Jersey (US) for three years where he contributed to the early success of Ericsson 5G in the US by leading the Verizon sales team for the Ericsson Digital Services portfolio.

Christian Leon has a broad experience in the Telecom industry, he has joined Ericsson in 2010 and had multiple roles at Ericsson US as a business manager, and at Ericsson Sweden where he led the Business Unit Network commercial management team.

Prior to this, Christian was located in Dallas (US), where he held various positions including commercial marketing, head of wireless commercial management and head CDMA business management. His career started in France in the early days of 3G, after graduating from l’École Supérieure d'Électricité (Supélec Paris) in 1998 with a degree in digital processing. Christian served as a Navigation Officer in the French Navy from 1998 to 2000.