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Daniel Asiedu

Marketing & Communications Editorial Manager, Ericsson Middle East & Africa

Daniel Asiedu

Daniel Kissi Asiedu is an experienced communications professional with a deep passion for technology and innovation. With a career spanning more than a decade, Daniel uses the power of communications and storytelling to emphasize the significant impact of telecommunications and digital transformation, particularly in the Middle East and Africa region.

In his position as the Editorial Manager for Middle East and Africa, Daniel is responsible for shaping the narrative of Ericsson's ground-breaking work in the region. His role involves translating complex technological advancements into compelling stories that resonate with a wide audience. With his deep understanding of the telecommunications landscape, he ensures that Ericsson's contributions to advancing connectivity are effectively communicated.

Daniel believes that technology is a tool for positive change and must reach corners of society. This belief is reflected in his contributions to shaping the future of telecommunications in the region and beyond.