Dhruvin Patel

Experienced Researcher, Network Architecture and Protocols
Dhruvin Patel

Aachen, Germany

Ericsson Research

Dhruvin Patel is an Experienced Researcher in Network Architecture and Protocols at Ericsson Research in Aachen, Germany. Since joining Ericsson in 2016, he has been involved in European large-scale projects like SUCCESS, RE-SERVE and SOGNO as a task leader, focusing on bringing 5G solutions to the IoT domain by showcasing 5G capabilities in Proof of Concept demonstrations. Dhruvin’s current research focus is 5G and LTE enhancements for manufacturing use cases. His current duties include delegation work for standardization bodies along with back office support for 3GPP standardization.

Dhruvin holds a Master’s degree in Computer and System Engineering from Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany.