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Eric Parsons

Head of PDU Cloud RAN

Eric Parsons



Eric holds a M.Math degree in Computer Science, University of Waterloo, and Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada. Eric is based in Ottawa, Canada.

During his career, Eric has held various leadership positions in research and design, standardization and product management. At Ericsson, Parsons held the position of Head of Product Line 4G and RAN Mobile Broadband, having led the launch of VoLTE, LAA, and LTE-M/NB-IOT. During this time, Parsons also enabled the launch of a uniquely structured R&D organization within Ericsson focused on virtual/cloud RAN, which now forms the foundation for PDU Cloud RAN.

Eric has recently re-joined Ericsson from his role in the Government of Canada, where he was responsible for national wireless regulatory policy and operational functions.