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Ferhat Karakoç

Master Researcher Security

Ferhat Karakoç

Ericsson Research

Istanbul, Turkey

Focus on 5G standardization and privacy enhancing technologies

Ferhat’s research interests include secure multi-party computation and cryptographic algorithms. He joined Ericsson in 2020 and works on 5G standardization in the 3GPP security working group SA3. He has been one of the drivers of the edge computing security and uncrewed aerial system security topics. He has also been active in industrial IoT security, mission critical service security, and cryptographic algorithms, and worked on privacy enhancing technologies.

Before joining Ericsson, Ferhat worked with information security governance, cryptography and software development in public and private sector companies and taught courses at universities. 

Ferhat received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey in 2014. His M.Sc. and B.S. degrees, both in Computer Engineering, were received from the same university in 2008 and 2005, respectively.