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Gareth Price

Gareth is a member of Ericsson Consulting’s leadership team and is a specialist in Cloud and Core transformation consulting. He has led cloud and core strategy and transformation planning projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Gareth is based in the UK .

In the last 5 years, he and his colleagues have helped operators such as Telstra, Telefonica, Vodafone and TIM to assess the CAPEX and OPEX impact of telco cloud transformation using advanced and vendor agnostic proprietary models. He has also led several industry leading NFV/SDN CTO driven Target Operating Model engagements, redesigning the organization, processes, performance management, governance, competence and partner models for an agile and automated 5G network. This will enable these operators to unlock the potential of 5G cloud native core through agile service creation and deployment, closed loop automation, service-centric organization and many other capabilities over several carefully planned transformation horizons.
Previously Gareth headed Marketing, Innovation and Strategy for Telecoms at NEC Europe, led international product marketing for Telecoms at NEC Corporation in Tokyo and led NEC’s internal consulting department in the European labs. Previously he worked with Defense, Investment Banking and Mobile Telecoms clients for Logica in the UK and Ireland.
Gareth is based in the UK .