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Jan Mertens

Head of R&D Ericsson Antenna System

Portrait of Jan Mertens, Head of R&D EAS

Ericsson Antenna Technology Germany GmbH

Rosenheim, Germany

Jan Mertens is a technology enthusiast with a PhD from the University of Cambridge who made substantial contributions to academic literature. His leadership and expertise in technology development firmly position him at the forefront of the industry.

Currently serving in a pivotal role leading the research and development at Ericsson Antenna Systems, Jan Mertens leverages his extensive experience to contribute ground-breaking insights and solutions to the evolving challenges and opportunities in the telecommunications space. His strategic vision and forward-thinking approach have positioned him as a key influencer, shaping the discourse on the transformative potential of 6G technology.

As an accomplished professional and influential voice in the telecommunications community, Jan Mertens is dedicated to pushing the envelope, ensuring that the promise of 6G technology is realized for a future where connectivity seamlessly intertwines with innovation, sustainability, and societal progress.