Jason S. Boswell

Head of Security, Network Product Solutions

Jason Boswell


North America

Jason S. Boswell is Ericsson North America’s expert in telecommunications and network security, advising Ericsson’s technicians, engineers and customers in creating and maintaining secure Ericsson solutions across the region.

Mr. Boswell brings over 20 years of experience from within the domains of telecommunications security design, engineering, consulting, sales and thought leadership for global service providers, governments and enterprises.

He is a CISSP and is known in the industry as an expert and frequent speaker on wireless (3G, 4G, 5G), threat intel, IoT, SDN/NFV and core network security. He currently represents Ericsson in working groups, industry fora and government committees such as the DHS ICT SCRM Task Force, NSTAC, NSIE, CSRIC, CTIA, 5G Americas, IEEE, CSCC, CSDE and other areas of security thought leadership.

As a Senior IEEE member, Jason is also the Vice Chair of Program Development in IEEE ComSoc's CQR, past co-chair of the IEEE CQR conferences (2017-2019) and was previously the vice-chair of IEEE P1915.1 SVE, which focuses on standardizing security in virtualized environments.

He has worked with many technology types and network architectures, bringing a diverse and deep background to the table from various angles. He has worked in “next gen” telecom since land lines began migrating to Voice over Frame Relay and in network security since the early days of stateless firewalls & manual IPSec.

Mr. Boswell’s career began at Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs, as a Distinguished Member of Consulting Staff. He was the Head of Security Sales, North America, at Nokia Siemens Networks and later was a Chief Architect, North America, for Global Service Providers at Symantec Corporation.