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Jason Johur

Head of Strategy & Market Development, Mission Critical Networks, Ericsson

Jason Johur is Head of Strategy & Market Development for Ericsson’s Mission Critical Networks business. In addition, Jason holds a board position in TCCA – the largest critical communications industry body - and is vice chair for the Broadband Industry Group (BIG) - a working group of the TCCA that leads industry efforts to bring 3GPP LTE/5G products and solutions to market for mission-critical communication users. Jason has been actively involved with the TCCA, in all its various guises, since 1995; contributing to the development of TETRA, MC LTE and 5G technologies.

Jason has vast experience in the critical communications market, including senior positions in both business and technology-related roles. He is a seasoned innovator with patents in mobility and security, and his research into the use and benefits of mobile broadband for public safety and security has been referenced in publications by the London School of Economics. He holds an MBA from Henley, MEng from Bath and is a chartered professional engineer with the IET/EC-UK.

Personal Statement of Intent

Jason has always upheld the interests of TCCA members in pursuit of their common goals. These common goals include the maintenance of TETRA, the development of mission-critical mobile broadband solutions, and an unrelenting focus on open standards and harmonised spectrum. Jason kindly seeks your support to be re-elected, where he’ll continue to devote strategy and technology expertise to the TCCA CEO, Chair and Board; and safeguard members’ existing interests whilst realising the new opportunities enabled via mission-critical LTE and 5G technologies.