Jeff Travers

Customer Success Lead, Dedicated Networks

Jeff Travers



Jeff Travers is based in Stockholm within the Dedicated Networks unit, part of the Emerging Business area. He leads projects with telecom operators to bring 5G to Industries and Industries to 5G. Dedicated Networks provide specialized connectivity onsite to meet the needs of industry as they build out the next levels of automation, remote operations, and worker augmentation.

Jeff has 25 years with Ericsson, with the last 3 years managing units within IOT, growing this emerging business. Prior management positions for Ericsson include Customer Sales head based in Moscow, Russia, and Sales or Country Manager in various markets of Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and New Zealand.

His career began in IT with Coca-Cola Schweppes in the UK, followed by IT Automation start-up Syan Ltd, an IBM reseller.

Travers holds a Master of Business Administration from IMD Lausanne, and a BSc Economics from the London School of Economics.