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Kati Ilvonen

Change driver and Head coach at Ericsson R&D
Kati Ilvonen


Kati Ilvonen is change driver and head coach at Ericsson R&D who loves to work with people. Since 2001, she has been working in Ericsson R&D product development in different project and line management roles and has been driving agile and lean change within organization.

She has also worked as an entrepreneur in holistic wellbeing company for couple of years. She is actively coaching people to grow as individuals and supporting them to adhere a learning lifestyle. She is also regularly driving 48 hour long E3 intensive coaching sessions within the organization.

Kati holds a Master’s degree from the Helsinki University of Technology and she is also a certified stress-relief instructor, non-violent communication trainer, nutrition therapist and body-emotion therapist. Kati enjoys running in nature, reading and yoga.