Kevin Boyle

Kevin develops and supports Radio Access Network (RAN) Transport product and solutions sales focused on Microwave and Fiber-based Mobile Backhaul, Fronthaul, Routers and applicable partner offerings. Kevin works directly with a number of North American customers of all sizes in developing transport solutions to meet the rapidly changing radio network needs in throughput, latency and synchronization, especially as we start the buildout of 5G.

Prior to his current role, Kevin spent several years as a Solutions Architect assigned to Sprint. In this role, he was responsible for developing the end-to-end planning and rollout of LTE feature releases as part of Sprint’s Network Vision program. Kevin started his telecom career at Nortel working on residential CLASS services and ISDN BRI software before moving into VoIP. Kevin spent several years as one of the top experts in the world on the H.248/Megaco protocol and its applications for converting the telephone networks of yesterday to the IP-based networks used today, including being author and/or editor of dozens of the ITU-T H.248 suite of standards. He then moved into IPTV architecture and standards development with Nortel and then Futurewei before joining Ericsson.

Kevin attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer and Systems Engineering. Kevin also holds a patent describing how to provide loss- and error-free metering and tariffing in disaggregated networks.