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Magnus Frodigh

Head of Ericsson Research

I'm privileged to head up Ericsson Research, which employs over 700 world-class researchers around the globe.

We work closely with academia and industry to drive Ericsson's technology leadership for the benefit of our customers.

Our relationships with universities enable us to explore early technology strands and explorative technologies and then consider how these might best be applied to our products and networks to meet our customers' requirements.

I joined Ericsson in 1994 and over the past three decades I've had the opportunity to work with the latest technologies in one of the most interesting fields in the industry, leading to the current use of mobile broadband in almost everything we do.

To be part of this development and to work on the technology used by so many people is truly inspiring.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the telecommunications industry and regularly deliver keynote presentations about topics such as 5G, IoT and future technologies. I'd welcome the opportunity to speak at future events and to connect with those working in academia or the wider Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry who share a similar passion for research.

I hold a Master of Science degree from Linköping University of Technology, Sweden, and a Ph.D. in Radio Communication Systems from the Royal Institute of Technology, where I’ve also been adjunct Professor in Wireless Infrastructures since 2013.