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Martin Zander

Head of Strategic Initiatives and Ecosystems

Martin Zander


Martin Zander is the Head of Strategic Initiatives and Ecosystems at Ericsson, with over 25 years of experience in technology and business development.

He's known for innovative product development and transformative changes. Previously, Zander led the Ericsson One Network incubation, where he introduced a 5G network API platform and the Dynamic End-user Boost service, an industry-first, enabling both 4G and 5G mobile users to dynamically boost cellular connectivity from their smartphones to ensure they are getting an optimal mobile experience. Furthermore, Zander established Ericsson's Small Medium Business Solutions, including the Ericsson Wireless Office. While based in Santa Clara, CA, he played a crucial role in Ericsson's acquisition of Cradlepoint, a move bolstering Ericsson's position in the Enterprise wireless services market. Zander holds a bachelor's degree in Strategy and a master's degree in Technology Management from Lund University.