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Neiva Linder

Research Leader, Network automation

Neiva Linder

Ericsson Research

Kista, Sweden

Her focus is on automation solutions for mobile networks and services operations.

Neiva’s research interests are AI/ML based architecture solutions applied to mobile networks automation and service assurance, in other words, development and standardization of future autonomous cognitive networks.

She joined Ericsson in 2011 and has worked in several technology areas applied to fixed and mobile backhaul network architectures, transport solutions for 4G/5G, including Cloud RAN, SDN, NFV, network slicing.

Neiva started her career in the area of signal processing for communication and held a postdoctoral position at the EIT – LTH Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Sweden. She received her Ph.D. in electrical engineering with major in telecommunication from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Belém, Brazil, in 2009.