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Peter Rinderud

Senior Researcher, Consumer & IndustryLab

Peter Rinderud

Ericsson Research

Kista, Sweden

Peter has been at Ericsson for almost a decade, working with different consumer research projects on consumers´ usage and attitudes towards new technology, the internet and mobile network performance.

During 2022 he headed the Startup 5G Lite program, a workshop for telco customers which want to start offering 5G innovative services to their consumer markets. He has also led projects about mobile money, connected seniors, autonomous cars, and the digital workplace. Additionally, he has been a statistical analyst in numerous project during his time at Ericsson.

Before joining Ericsson, Peter was a senior research consultant, leading various consumer research studies for private and public customers. In total, he has almost 30 years of experience in the field of consumer research and his acacemic background is Political  Scientist and Economist from the Public Administration program at Uppsala university, Sweden.