Richard Wirén

Senior Solution Architect for 5G and air mobility

Jorvas, Finland


Richard's focus is to improve the latest mobile network technology for new use cases such as making Urban Air Mobility fly.

Richard joined Ericsson in 2000, and has worked with design, roll-out, tuning and optimization of mobile networks from 2G to 5G.

He has had several technical lead roles in projects related to new opportunities and new customer segments for the latest mobile network technologies, lately 5G.

In 2016, Richard led the Ericsson drone field trials for the 3GPP standardization study for Enhanced LTE Support for Aerial Vehicles. Since then, he has continued to utilize drones for mobile network measurements, and done studies on mobile network connected aerial vehicles. He has made many public presentations on the topic, is a co-author of several papers and publications, and has patents pending/filed in the area of drones.