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Robert Baldemair

Principal Researcher, Radio concepts and performance

Robert Baldemair

Ericsson Research

Kista, Sweden

Robert Baldemair joined Ericsson in 2000, where he was initially engaged in research and standardization of digital subscriber line technologies ADSL and VDSL. In 2004, he started to work with research and development of radio access technologies for LTE and later with wireless access for 5G.

For the last few years Robert has been working with wireless access for 6G.

Robert received the Ericsson Inventor of the Year 2010 award. In 2014, he and colleagues at Ericsson were nominated for the European Inventor Award, the most prestigious inventor award in Europe. In 2019, Robert was one of the winners of the Ericsson Top Performance Competition, an annual competition that recognizes outstanding achievements.

Robert received his Dipl. Ing. and Dr. degree from the Vienna University of Technology in 1996 and 2001, respectively.