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Sally Croft

Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability, Ericsson Europe and Latin America

Sally Croft


Reading, United Kingdom

As Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability for Ericsson in the European and Latin America market area, Sally sets the overall strategic direction for the unit. She has experience in a number of senior marketing and communication roles including at Vodafone, Samsung Electronics and most recently Tektronix.

Sally is an advocate of ‘technology for good’ and fascinated by the impact of disruptive technology, like 5G, and particularly its potential to accelerate innovation for traditional enterprises.

As an ambassador for sustainable, ethical, and responsible business, Sally is a firm believer in creating a people-first culture. She regularly develops activities, events and discussions to help engage and inspire diverse teams both inside and out of the workplace. For the past several years, she has also provided regular coaching to young talents, along with appearing regularly at educational events.