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Valerio Novelli

BCSD BOS Data Scientist at Ericsson.

Valerio Novelli joined Ericsson in 2017 after having a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics in Rome (University of Tor Vergata), spending 2 years doing academic research in the UK (Swansea University), and then having a second master’s degree in Big Data in Rome (University of Tor Vergata). In Ericsson, Valerio invested his multidisciplinary knowledge in a plethora of different projects on ML/AI, Big Data engineering, Quantum Computing and lately, Foundation Models and LLM. Working across the US, Canada, Sweden, Hungary, and India, Valerio’s collaborations span from Service Delivery teams to PDU teams. His main interest is in the research and application aspects of ML/AI and Quantum Computing.