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Zeynep Ahmet Vidal

Senior Researcher, Consumer Insights, Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab

Zeynep Ahmet Vidal

Ericsson Research

As a Senior Researcher at Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab, Zeynep is responsible for analyzing consumer insights, behaviors and trends in various aspects of consumers’ lives. This knowledge is used for supporting strategic decisions and enabling forecasts to Ericsson’s customers in their continued efforts to improve the customer experience in the services and solutions they offer consumers. Zeynep joined Ericsson ConsumerLab in 2014 where, on account of her specific interest in the TV and Media space, she immediately joined the annual project concerned with consumer habits, trends and expectations in this area. Since then she has done research covering areas such as wearable technology, gender equality in ICT, future lifestyles as well as sustainability and ICT.

Zeynep Ahmet Vidal is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has previously held the position of Junior Researcher at Mobile Life VinnExcellence Center and at the Södertörn Institute of Media and Technology. She has also held the position of Senior UX Specialist at then TeliaSonera AB. Zeynep holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Linköping University, Sweden.