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ATU Spectrum Recommendation

ATU Spectrum Recommendation

ATU Spectrum Recommendation

The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) and Ericsson have published a series of recommendations on spectrum policy to enable governments and regulators across Africa to accelerate ICT and next-generation connectivity.
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Spectrum is the life-blood of mobile communication. Policies governing spectrum need to be optimized with a focus on prioritizing access to the right spectrum at the right time and under the right conditions. Ericsson’s key recommendations to governments in this respect include:

  • Maximizing the availability of spectrum in a timely and planned manner is critical for economic growth.
  • Prioritization of pervasive high quality network deployment over maximizing spectrum fees.
  • Long term licenses with flexibility in licensing conditions and clear renewal terms.

The ATU spectrum recommendation provide detailed guidelines around spectrum licensing, evolution and management along the same principles.