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Experience 5G like never before

Imagine Studio Unboxed

5G isn’t just a new generation of mobile networks – it’s transforming the world as we know it. At Ericsson, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by putting technology in the hands of businesses and people. At Imagine Studio Unboxed, you will meet our experts sharing their views and insights on the latest technology developments that power a connected world and live demonstrations of innovations from our Imagine Studio. Join us and experience 5G like never before.

Season 1: Sustainable Network Evolution

Episode 1: Intelligent site deployment with Digital Twins

As CSPs focus on securing network energy performance and achieving sustainability goals. The best network no longer means just fast and reliable. Taking control of network deployments is crucial to redefining the best network as high-performing, energy-efficient, and sustainable. The Ericsson site Digital Twin offers CSPs improved control throughout the full network deployment cycle, helping them increase speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

Episode 2: Energy efficient network modernization

It is imperative to undertake effective modernization of the existing network in order to scale 5G and reduce the total energy consumption of the mobile network. Ensuring that the installed equipment is modernized is crucial in preventing an escalation of energy consumption. This plays a pivotal role in altering the energy consumption trajectory within mobile networks. Gain deeper insights into the sustainability aspects of Ericsson's RAN portfolio from our expert in this episode.

Episode 3: Intelligent Operations

Discover how Ericsson's advanced AI/ML technologies and automation solutions optimize mobile network capacity and energy usage, delivering a superior user experience while reducing carbon emissions. Join us to learn more about the cutting-edge solutions driving energy efficiency in the mobile network industry.

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