Past competitions

We've had some amazing competitions - and a lot of really smart teams - in previous years.

EIA 2019: Dive deeper

2019’s edition of the Ericsson Innovation Awards challenged students to harness the power of water and underwater material environments to develop innovative solutions to global challenges. Learn more here

EIA 2018: The Future of Truth

In the digital word, it’s harder than ever to spot the truth. But, last year’s competitors aimed to find it. Learn more here and find out who won.

EIA 2017: The Future of Food

Last year, student teams from around the world came up with innovative ideas about how we can produce enough nutritious food to feed our world's growing population - responsibilly and sustainably. Learn more here

EIA 2016: The Future of City Life

By 2050, about 70 percent of the world's population is expected to reside in urban areas. That's why the 2016 competition was all about finding ways that technology can improve the quality of urban life. Read more here and here

EIA 2015: The Future of Learning

How can technology enhance the way we learn, and make learning accessible for all? That was the question our teams answered in 2015 - learn more here