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Tips and tricks from our recruiters

Want to know more about life at Ericsson? Read on for insight, advice and tips from real Ericsson recruiters!

Meet Mark, Recruiter

Joined Ericsson: 2010

Location: Plano, Texas, USA

One of the most attractive qualities of Ericsson today is the vibrant corporate culture. There's an environment of optimism and collaboration that produces a tangible energy. There's also a collective attitude in the workplace that reflects the financial, technological and organizational health of Ericsson as a global competitor. It’' a professional community with high expectations, diverse capabilities and contagious confidence.

An opportunity to join Ericsson is much more than a chance for a 'new job'. If you’re looking to push the envelope of wireless communications technology, we sharpen the cutting edge in 4G/LTE and HSPA. If you want to help build market-leading client relationships, we have long-term, strategic partnerships with the global Tier-1 wireless operators.

It's always a bonus when an applicant communicates a direct connection between a specific technology expertise or client relationship that they possess, and the requirements from the job they are applying for. In my case, when I receive applications, education and experience related to current 4G/LTE or High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology particularly gets my attention.

For the future I believe that traits to be developed are solution selling; consultative, relationship-based strategic partnership development and collaborative team performance. The focus areas will be 4G/LTE, HSPA and multi-media. When it comes to fields of expertise I would think that people within Technology Solutions Management and Sales and Business Development will have a bright future!

Meet Patricia, HR Specialist - Staffing

Joined Ericsson: 2007

Location: Madrid, Spain

I think that Ericsson is an attractive potential future employer mainly because of the industry we are in. It is a big company that gives its employees the opportunity to grow in a leading and ever changing world. We are the business leaders in our field, and a company which take good care of our people.

The biggest opportunities: I would summarize by saying that "you can make your own career and help us build our Ericsson". Diversity, changes, innovation, new ways and opportunities are just at your reach. By joining our company you will be part of a professional and interesting community from whom you will constantly be able to learn and who will really value your views. We will help you grow both as a professional and as a person.

Something I normally miss in applications is that I would like them to be more focused and proactive. Try to apply to the openings that fit your profile, rather than apply for all vacancies, and don’t be afraid to ask for further information about the area, manager or position itself.

If I look specifically at our Spanish applicants we find that a lot of them have quite a low level of English and little international exposure. That's why we value so much those who take an Erasmus program, or have either studied or worked abroad. I would also recommend them to choose a straight path and show their drive by following it. I am also interested to know why Ericsson is their target, and what drove them here.

I believe that better business understanding and business sense will be the focus area of the future. We should look for a next generation that can help our customers and ourselves to translate technology into revenues. And, of course, creative, innovative people with good communication skills. This will help us move into the new age of Ericsson.


Meet Abdul, HR Partner - Field Services Operations

Joined Ericsson: 2005

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Ericsson is a very diverse organization with operations in almost every corner of the globe. It has cutting edge superior technology which stands out in the industry; having said that, we pay special attention to our most valuable asset within the company, which is our People. We believe that long term investments in our people will make us even stronger and healthier, just like it has been for so many years before.

Though Ericsson is a socially responsible organization making contributions to the society wherever it's necessary; whether it is education projects in Africa, building communications in war hit areas like Afghanistan, the thing I like the most about Ericsson is the culture. Having been part of Ericsson for a little more than four years now, I've seen this ever changing organization giving the platform for a people oriented culture, opportunities to its people and nurturing them through different phases of their career as well as their personal life.

When it comes to applications I would say simplicity is the key. Always go through the advertisement first before applying and concentrate on the job description. If you find the position appealing and yourself a possible candidate; send in your application and try to keep it as precise and simple as you can.

In the future, I believe that new employees with experiences from change management, leadership, entrepreneurship, broadband communications, communications in space technology, etc are going to be even more attractive. The world is moving towards a hi-speed, always connected environment where even non-human living beings will be connected. I see IP and Broadband making big impacts in short/long term future for mankind. When it comes to soft traits on the personality side, I think attitude, learning behavior, and change management are some of the main characteristics to focus on and develop even further in!

Meet Xiaoguang, HR Recruitment Manager

Joined Ericsson: 2006

Location: Beijing, China

What I truly appreciate with Ericsson is the global diversity, the innovative environment and all the talented colleagues within the company. We are leaders in the telecom industry worldwide, contributing to an all communicating world. It feels very meaningful and inspiring to work for a company like Ericsson and this industry.

When reading a job application, I am always interested to find out about the applicant’s project background. Personal accomplishments and innovation, both ideas and results, are also important to include in an application. It is interesting to know if the applicant has a clear career plan as well.

In the Greater China region, where I am based, we need people with a variety of educational backgrounds. But you should always specify which subject areas you have covered. For the experienced candidates it is always a plus if you have done technical training in areas such as LTE, multimedia, IP and occupational training such as professional services, teamwork, communication, problem solving and time management.

I think innovative and passionate individuals with strong competences in the IP and multimedia fields will be especially attractive to the company in the future. If you combine this with a great business mind and thought leadership, you will probably be the candidate of our dreams.

Meet Maartje, HR Manager and Recruitment Coordinator

Joined Ericsson: 2006

Location: Rijen, The Netherlands

If you want to work in an international environment where you get to create your own future, meet people with different backgrounds every day, and work in an informal culture, Ericsson could be the employer for you. For me these are the things that stand out at Ericsson.

Ericsson is a company that opens up a lot of opportunities for its employees. You will get the chance to continuously develop, see different parts of the company, to travel, and to meet new people. If you demonstrate what you can do and are ambitious, a lot of doors will open for you within the company.

In my opinion, a good job application should stand out from the others. Also, make sure you make yourself heard. It is good if you know what you want and what you expect from the company. Do not be afraid to speak up.

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