Cutting production time in blade smart manufacturing

Could 5G technology cut the time in one of the most demanding metal processing manufacturing? In our 5G industry collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, we researched new methods for improving process control and discovering manufacturing failures in real-time. The research has looked specifically at the manufacturing of bladed disks (blisks) together with MTU Aero Engines one of the world’s leading suppliers of jet engines.


Blades with maximum quality

MTU Aero Engines is one of the biggest producer of turbines, turbines parts, and turbine models; in every third aircraft around the world, you will find parts from the German manufacturer. While the same challenges as for the blisk production exist throughout the manufacturing industry, this case is a particularly extreme example. The main issues include the critical need for maximum quality to ensure safety, and the difficulty of monitoring and controlling the process in real time. Explore in this video (2 min) how Ericsson, together with Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology and MTU Aero Engines, uses sensors and 5G technology to reduce the time for the process design phase by incredible 75%.

Bringing 5G business value to the smart manufacturing industry

In our new case study from our Consumer and Industry Lab, we uncover the business value that results from introducing 5G technology into the production of blisks. We have found that doing so could create annual savings of EUR 27 million for a single factory and up to EUR 360 million globally. The business opportunity that this presents is set to transform the whole manufacturing industry. Read the study

5G ultra-low latency propels jet engine manufacturing

Today, there is no satisfactory way to monitor and correct the process while underway, and the result is revealed only when the entire milling process is completed. A live 5G system was set up to show how the new technology can change this. Explore how it is done in the BLISK smart manufacturing